NDIS Services

  • Service Agreement Plans
  • NDIS processing for clients who are NDIS managed
  • Reports/Assessments to support NDIS applications and reviews
  • 1:1 therapy

Consultation, reports & formal assessment

  • Analysis and assessment of child's speech and language abilities
  • Formal reports including funding reports and autism spectrum disorder reports

1:1 Therapy-based interventions

Developing therapy based communication programs including:

  • AAC Intervention (e.g. PECS, Aided Language Displays, PODD books, iPad, LAMP)
  • Speech requirements (articulation and fluency/stuttering)
  • Language (using language and understanding language)
  • Pragmatic Language (the functional and social use of language)

Family-based interventions

  • We work with families to help them understand their child’s communication and behavior. We provide them with strategies that are functional and can be used at home.
  • We support families to access other professionals and/or funding pools. 

We can also provide professional development and training sessions for schools, parents and professionals